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A New Low
October 12th, 2011 9:20 PM
I was just asked by an AMC if I would be interested in a new "opportunity" by providing a new product to its clients. They said they had a client in my area that was ready to start using this product and I should take the tutorial if I wanted to become eligible for the opportunity. After taking the tutorial, it is apparent that this is another desktop product that is computer aided that  would reduce the amount of "income" I receive because there would be less demand for a higher priced full appraisal. But what really is the shot in the back of the head is, that when they asked what my reasonable and customary fee would be for this new product, they give me a choice from four or five different fees "they" suggest, with no other options!!!!! I would like to think that they were this disrespectful as a result of hoping that there is still enough oversupply of "desperate" appraisers out there that just want to get paid and have no pride in their profession verses appraisers who truly believe that this is a fair, thoughtful and profitable "opportunity" that they will greatly benefit from! At least if it is the former, I can still believe that people don't think of appraisers as being stupid!

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Posted by Lawrence Walsh on October 12th, 2011 9:20 PMPost a Comment

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