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Become A Better Home Buyer in Los Angeles
May 21st, 2013 10:25 AM

 At “The WalshStreet Group” we have always recognized the greatest           overlooked problem that occurs for people when trying to buy or sell a house.  That problem is thetimeframe in which you or the traditional real estate system gives you to complete a real estate purchase or sale. All too frequently we see a seller who has put their property on the market without beginning to look for another property. Or a buyer who puts an offer in on a property, before listing their current home or taking the necessary time to analyze the market or better options. Typically, a person contacts a real estate agent shortly after making the decision that they are ready, not prepared to move. From that moment on, the traditional timeframe of the real estate process is less than six months, including the escrow period. In today’s Los Angeles market that means that possibly no more than ten properties total may be available for sale in your target area. Anxious real estate agents ready to close a deal, doesn’t help matters. (www.WalshStreet.net/sales) The odds of you finding your dream home under these conditions are remote. In the current Los Angeles home buying market, a buyer or seller should look at a minimum of sixteen months as a window of time (excluding escrow) it will take to properly explore all options before making a decision about buying or selling a home. The chances of your exact dream home being available are very slim, but something close to it could be available. When you reduce the window of time you give yourself to look, your chances are less likely to get something remotely close to what you’re looking for. The additional thousands of dollars you may have to spend in making alterations or remodeling can be saved or greatly reduced with a little real estate transaction management.

At the WalshStreet Group, (www.WalshStreet.net/sales) we have always provided assistance to clients on how to strategically handle their move and keep their window of time open, to their advantage. Our most popular program is “Home Buyer/Seller Time Management”. In this program sixteen months before you’re ready to move, we help you find potential neighborhoods and homes that meet all or most of your wants. We then contact the homeowners of those homes whether their home is listed for sale or not. In today’s Los Angeles market, this strategy is more beneficial than ever.


We may not close a deal on the specific house we were targeting, but this opens up a word of mouth amongst the homeowners in that neighborhood who are familiar with those that own similar types of properties that may want to sell. Using this method, time works for you, not against you.

Lawrence Walsh

Chief Appraiser / Realtor / Analyst / Investor

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