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July 31st, 2011 5:27 PM

All the foreclosure and REO properties available for sale in recent years has brought on a slew of newly acclaimed real estate investors who seek to capitalize on flipping (purchase, fix up, resale) of residential properties. What has transpired is, the banks have kept the supply of REO market inventory low, to keep the demand of REO properties high amongst these investors. In many cases, multiple offer situations are created and final purchase prices typically reduce an already watered down profit margin, usually no greater than 25%.

Given the additional "must do" expenses and risk that exist in today's investor market; remodeling the kitchen and baths, other repairs and  cosmetic upgrades along with trying to find a qualified buyer, this 25% or less profit is minimal compared to some other real estate investment options. 

One of those options is investing in commercial real estate via all cash purchases. This can be done with the same amount of money you would invest in, in a residential property through "syndication"! The opportunities are much greater with commercial deals because they cash flow and because they cash flow (reduced risk), bank requirements are a lot less stringent. In most cases you start receiving a return by the end of the first quarter after closing the deal.

At WalshStreet Investments we find the deal and do all the syndicating. All you do is sit back and collect profit. We can do this because of our real estate investing, appraising and sales experience. In most cases you can even use your 401K money to invest!

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