How to Get More Money for Your Home

  • Hire the right real estate agent
    All agents are not the same. These days anyone can obtain a real estate license but in order to truly maximize your profits, you need a team of experienced professionals who know how to price and market your home. Why shortchange yourself out of tens of thousands of dollars in profit by hiring acquaintances, friends, and relatives who may be licensed but lack the resources, knowledge, training and track record you need to ensure that you obtain top dollar for your home. In today's marketplace, it takes more than just a real estate license to successfully sell your property. It takes knowledge and expertise to get the highest price quickly and avoid legal pitfalls.


  • Price your home at its true market value
    In today's market, what sold more than three months ago, may not represent today’s market value. Extra attention should be given to the market activity of current listings. Overpricing causes your home to go stale on the market. We can price your home for maximum profit based on the window of time you have to complete your real estate transaction. This strategy allows us to encourage competition from more than one buyer without discouraging otherwise qualified buyers.


  • Allow your home to compete on the market
    Our marketing program and pricing strategy will bring more than one qualified buyer to your home. Buyers know that if they have to compete with just one other buyer they'll have to offer you more money to be successful. That's why buyers will often ask you to consider selling your home to them, without the benefit of representation, before it's listed and hits the market. It's the best way any buyer can be guaranteed to buy a house for less than true market value.!


  • Hire Us and Trust Us
    Our goals and yours are the same -- maximize your profit and legal protection in the shortest possible time with the fewest complications possible. Maximizing profit doesn't happen by accident. We know our market and our pricing strategy, coupled with our custom tailored marketing program consistently generates higher sale prices. Trust our experience to make more money as it's done for so many of our previous clients.

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