Energy Efficiency

Over the recent years a question that is becoming more frequent to our valuations division at WalshStreet Inc., is if solar energy is worth the investment? And our answer has been a resounding yes! This is supported by market data we have collected from valuations we have conducted, and studies that have been performed by valuation institutions and energy experts alike. Valuations Report and Energy Experts . The magnitude of how beneficial the sustainable energy industry can be, is being compared to the benefits that have come from the computer revolution. Solar PowerFrom a homeowners perspective, the benefits of reducing carbon emissions in the environment, saving cost on monthly energy bills and increasing the overall value of their home is as equally beneficial. The steady reduction in costs to produce solar systems and the introduction of new lease programs, allows homeowners to obtain solar panel systems with little to no money down! Most of the companies that offer these lease programs will install, maintain and remove the panels, at the end of the lease. We haven’t figured out why one would want to remove the solar system and go back to the standard utility system.

At WalshStreet Inc. we can help you with the process of determining if a solar panel system would make sense for your property and give you an idea of how much additional value sustainable energy will bring. If you own property in L.A. County take some time to review this website, Solar Map,  if it makes sense to you or you need some help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a certification as “Green Real Estate Professionals” from “Build It Green” and were previously certified as Energy Efficiency “Raters” with CHEERS. We can assist you with all of your energy efficiency upgrades. We can also show you how to add value to your property with a “green point rating system” or certification!

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