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February 13th, 2010 11:07 AM

If you are a real estate investor why wouldn't you want to use an investment company www.LAEquityHouse.com that is owned by a State Certified Appraiser that has been estimating market values for most of the major banking institutions for twenty five years!

Yes, we knew we were in a Bubble and the market was going to crash! We sold all of our investment property at "quick sale" prices and still made 60% - 80% returns. We have documentation to prove it! Now, people are saying "I don't want to invest in real estate because the market may continue to drop"!

Well because of our experience, we know which areas are healthy and which ones are not! You can still make money in short term real estate investing, if you know where to invest, and we do! We also allow you to pick which areas you're interested in and we'll find discount properties for you in those areas - if it makes, more than "cents".  

We are one of the largest wholesalers of single family homes in the state of California. We get bulk packages of REO's from our banks and realtor connections then sell them for pennies on the dollar. Please visit our website at www.LAEquityHouse.com or call, 323-936-9970.

Lawrence Walsh, Vice President

Learn to wholesale real estate

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